YourPay Financial Solutions for Indonesian Migrant Workers – It is undeniable that the problem that Indonesian migrant workers often face is managing and sending their money home.

Many of them are family breadwinners with both elderly parents as dependents or, children who live in homes, most of whom do not have bank accounts. However, now migrant workers and their families have financial solutions, especially in managing and sending money through YourPay.

YourPay founder, Christilia Angelica Widjaja said, YourPay can be an IDR electronic money service that serves Indonesians abroad, especially migrant worker communities.

Where, YourPay can provide flexibility for migrant workers from Indonesia to take full control of the money they earn and with a more transparent approach.

“Migrant workers face many challenges in sending money from abroad. Starting from the language barrier when you want to use the country’s banking services. As many as 77% of migrant workers have bank accounts but do not use them, and so on. In addition, many of these groups of workers are not accustomed to using financial technology to manage their money, “he explained.

YourPay founder

According to him, migrant workers need the convenience of sending money home from the country of origin where they work. But in reality in the field, this is quite difficult to do. The presence of the YourPay service not only facilitates the management of migrant workers’ money but also advocates for the dignity of these workers.

“Nearly 85% of YourPay users are female migrant workers and I share my deep empathy for them. We finally understand that in reality, migrant workers are often used by many intermediaries regarding remittances or third party relatives, which generally exposes them to high risks or has to pay high money handling fees, “he explained.

Since its launch in June 2020, YourPay has received a total gross transaction volume of GTV (Gross Transaction Value) of IDR 90 billion from 45,000 users. With a Yourpay account, Migrant Workers can deposit their salaries through YourPay outlets in the countries they work for to top up the YourPay account balance.

Then, through the YourPay application, users will have access to funds in electronic money and have the ability to make various cross-border transactions without cash to send money to their families in their home country, and make daily payments such as buying credit, paying monthly bills. them and buy their various needs.

“Through Yourpay, migrant workers can plan and manage their finances digitally , in real time, and flexibly with better security and efficiency, anytime and anywhere. So far, YourPay has focused on providing low service costs, achieving exponential growth and fast user acquisition, and maintaining high user engagement and retention rates, ”he explained.

Withdrawing cash from YourPay will only cost you IDR 2,500 (around US $ 0.5), much cheaper up to 10 times what is often charged for this service. Meanwhile, users can make transfers to fellow users for free.

Since its launch in June 2020, YourPay has acquired 37,261 agents throughout Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. YourPay also has operational cooperation with various merchants such as Alfamart, Alfamidi, 7Eleven, OK, Family Mart, and Pegadaian.

For its own financial services, YourPay focuses on partnerships and cooperation with various institutions such as Nahdatul Ulama, National and Regional Banks.

At the grassroots level, YourPay collaborates with various well-known cooperatives such as INDUK KUD, as well as various institutions, as well as well-known merchant brands at the local and international levels. To date, YourPay’s total main market has reached 3.74 million Indonesian migrant workers abroad and vertically, including their families at home, which reaches a total of 27 million users.

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