Soe Coffee Builds Differentiation Through Typical Archipelago Flavors

Giving birth to new innovations is absolutely needed by all business people. Likewise, entrepreneurs of micro, small and medium enterprises (UKM). With the size of the business that is not so big compared to multinational companies, SMEs should be able to move more agile. One of the SMEs that sees the importance of innovation in building differentiation is Soe Coffee.

Kopi Soe itself is a local coffee shop that is on the rise. Product innovation by presenting coffee menus as the favorite drink of the Indonesian people is the competitive advantage of Soe Coffee. Starting from the pioneer of Rum Regal, this UKM which has branches of more than 200 outlets continues to focus on product innovation that combines contemporary ingredients and Indonesian flavors.

In running its business, Kopi Soe wants to promote Indonesian coffee throughout Southeast Asia and boost the Indonesian economy by increasing consumption of local products. This mission is also challenged by the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the pandemic, almost all Soe Coffee consumers had to carry out activities from home. We are also trying to present interesting coffee drink menus for the Indonesian people to enjoy, ”said Sylvia, Co-Founder of Kopi Soe.

A pandemic situation has not only changed people’s lifestyles, but also presents many challenges for business people. Answering this challenge, Kopi Soe presents new menu innovations and collaborates with many brands . Not only with the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brand, collaboration is also carried out with brands from across industries, such as lifestyle products and beauty product brands.

“We realize that drinking coffee has become part of the lifestyle of the Indonesian people. Now Kopi Soe does not only provide a drink menu, ”added Sylvia.

Since December 2020, Kopi Soe presents Tjemilan by Kopi Soe. Croissant Waffle (croffle) is the first menu of Tjemilan by Kopi Soe. This menu becomes a perfect companion when consumers enjoy a cup of coffee from Kopi Soe.

Carrying the concept of being easy to carry, it is hoped that this croffle snack can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. The combination of contemporary flavors and classic Indonesian flavors is the main attraction of this product. This flavor is intended so that young Indonesians can always remember classic Indonesian flavors ranging from cinnamon to nut chocolate.

Soe Coffee is now available in 83 cities, 24 provinces, and more than 200 outlets throughout Indonesia to reach Sobat Soe even closer. To communicate its product, Kopi Soe carries the tagline Satoe Noesa Satoe Rasa .

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