Agility, Big Factor For Companies To Grow – Currently, the world is entering a period of recovery from the problems caused by a pandemic that has lasted more than a year. The discovery of vaccines as well as the increasingly massive distribution of vaccines has made the world community optimistic that they can rise from adversity. Including industry players.

As they adapt their operations to meet internal and external challenges, many companies recognize technology as the driving force to help drive greater business results.

This is evident from a regional study conducted by Oxford Economics of 600 senior executives (including 400 SMEs) in Southeast Asia with the title “Digital, Resilient, and Experience Driven: How Large Enterprises and SMEs in South East Asia Can Prepare for The New Economy. “

To secure rapid growth, surveyed companies in Southeast Asia are using short-term measures to improve the customer experience, investing heavily in user-friendly digital experiences (39% have made this change across the organization), lowering prices (38%), and after sales service management (37%).

In Indonesia, short-term actions taken by large companies to improve their customer experience include lowering prices (94%), increasing after-sales maintenance (91%), and increasing focus on privacy and data protection.

Meanwhile, Indonesian SMEs chose to improve after-sales maintenance (88%), lower prices (86%) and increase focus on privacy and data protection (76%).

Despite these challenges, SMEs in Southeast Asia on the one hand see their agility and ability to build trust with customers as an inherent competitive advantage to compete with larger competitors, which can provide them with the solid foundation they need to experiment safely with new technology and business models.

“Flexibility is an essential ingredient of today’s success and through our new RISE with SAP Initiative , we believe customers will get the flexibility needed to accelerate the speed of digital transformation and be at the forefront of the diverse environments in which they operate – wherever they are on the digitizing spectrum,” said Verena Siow, President & Managing Director, SAP South East Asia.

Together with technology, companies in the region understand that an engaged workforce will help open up future growth in a fast-growing digital economy.

In fact, as companies move toward business recovery, many have realized that their workforce is critical to driving success. In line with this, surveyed Southeast Asian businesses expect moderate growth over the next three years in terms of employee productivity (74%), customer loyalty and satisfaction (71%), and market share (71%).

However, upgrading workforce skills was considered the toughest internal challenge by one of the three (35%) companies surveyed to achieve strategic goals and develop organizational and customer needs. There are 29% of companies unable to gain insight into employees.

Assuming talent is important to support agility and transformation, the surveyed businesspeople have taken steps to improve the employee experience during this period, including streamlining organizational processes (29%), investing in employee training and development (38%), and change flexible work policies (25%).

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